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Our Purpose

Welcome to the BARBinc Directory…! The BARBinc Directory is a nationwide network of websites that organize and showcase barbers, barbershops, salons, barber schools and important resources available to the barbering industry. Each directory focuses on a particular state and is driven by BARBinc’s cutting-edge map-based technology.

What can you expect…?

The BARBinc Directory is designed to meet the needs of many individuals. The most obvious benefit of visiting us is to quickly shop for and find a barber in city. We at BARBinc are constantly amazed at how men (and women) are unaware of the barber choices available to them. The BARBinc Directory’s primary purpose is to help educate consumers of the virtual bonanza of quality hair-care options that’s available in any town or city.

At the same time, we at BARBinc are equally amazed at how little effort barbershops and salons put into promoting themselves online. So, another benefit of the Directory is to help barbers and barber businesses “get the word out” easily and cheaply.

Where to Go Next…

With that in mind, we encourage you to take 5 minutes to learn how to use this Directory. Whether you’re a owner looking to promote your business or just someone who’s looking for a clean cut, the BARBinc Directory is here for you…!

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